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M3 | Real Estate Book Design Branding

M3 | Real Estate Book Design Branding

Real Estate

client | Mindset, Methods & Metrics Real Estate Book
Project | Book Design Branding

| Minneapolis, MN

Services Provided | logo, color scheme, book design, workbook design, workbook layout, website design, bookmark design, promotional flyers, social media banners, backdrop design, Sell Sheet.

Mindset, Methods, & Metrics is a collaborative Real Estate Project by Real Estate Experts Brand Doyle, Marshall Saunders and Nick Dreher. Designed to assist readers with getting ahead and thriving in the career of Real Estate. This book, Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent was designed to move agents away from just working with their sphere. Finding new methods to work while managing a mindset while utilizing metrics for detailed tracking.

For this Project Cordavii Brand Consulting was hired to create the new M3 Brand while looking for future potential areas of expansion and designing for the future. The first step in this project was designing a color scheme and logo that would be attractive when on a book shelf or book stand. Next it was necessary to develop designs for both a soft cover book cover design and interior layout and graphics for a soft cover workbook.

Cordavii Horizontal Rule

Design Elements

M3 Mindset, Methods & Metrics Book Design and Branding by Cordavii Brand Consulting

Website Design

Book Cover Design

M3 Real Estate Book: Mindset, Methods and Metrics: Winning as a modern Real Estate Agent Social media image

Social Media Marketing

M3 Real Estate Book: Mindset, Methods and Metrics: Winning as a modern Real Estate Agent Social media image

Custom Graphic Illustrations

Final Product

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About M3 Real Estate Book

If you’ve picked up this book, more than likely you’re either contemplating, or have already undertaken, a career in Real Estate. Perhaps you’ve been working in the field for a year or two, or even ten or twenty. There’s a lot that you already know, about the nitty-gritty of listing properties and handling closings, the details of real estate purchases and sales, working with a brokerage. You feel you’re definitely on your professional way.

But, still. You have the sense that there’s more you could be doing, or perhaps a more efficient way of doing what you’re already doing…if only you knew what would work, and how much. For sure, you could be having better results—more clients, better listings, making more money. Maybe it’s OK, but you really want to be doing so much better.

Or, possibly, you’re even feeling a bit demoralized. You really believed you’d be in a stronger position by now. You’re willing to do what it takes, but aren’t quite sure what to do next. You’ve been spinning your wheels, chasing after business, but without any cohesive method to your approach. The last thing you need is another story of someone else’s success that offers nothing particularly meaty for you to incorporate into your own professional efforts. What you need is an actual system to follow that will help you clarify and achieve your goals.

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