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Cordavii Brand Consulting provides brand consulting services for entrepreneurs, small, & medium sized businesses though graphic design, web design, architectural design, business consulting in the Houston Texas and Minnespolis Minnesota areas.

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When Starting a new business, project or brand many entrepreneurs are tasked with hiring, interviewing and negotiating prices for various services to help start and build the brand to their liking. The #1 Goal of Cordavii Brand Consulting is to create one solution that can provide multiple services needed during the creative implementation of the brand giving each business owner, team or group one point of contact for all elements brand related.
With this, COrdavii Brand Consulting was designed & manicured as a consulting firm with the sole goal of assisting entrepreneurs, small, and medium businesses with startup, branding and revitalization services.

We are here to help and listen. By learning your brand story and brand intentions we are poised to develop creative brand solutions to bring you growth and visibility in the marketplace.

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